Pulse Art, 1995

Pulse Art was located at 494 Broadway, New York City.

Pulse Art run by Shari Diamond and Joanne Seador, was a membership gallery consisting of 18 artists members. Artist members were: Ildiko Butler, Jane Cameron, Lynn Christoffers, Marri Davis, Clay Debevoise, Shari Diamond, Karen Furth, Hana Iverson, Karen Johnson, Caroline Keith, Roanne Kulakoff, Honor Lassalle, Eustacia Marsales, JoAnne Seador, Fay Torresyap, Jill Waterman, Madeline Wilson, and Yardena Yourner.

Throughout the year, artist members exhibited their work as well as visiting artists and curated exhibitions. Lifelines was a space within the gallery devoted to showing AIDS-related works monthly.